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Agasthya Wellness Center Team

Unique, Skilled Experts at Agasthya Wellness Center


Sri Ramesh Babu

Academician, Author, Varmam Expert and Researcher

Sri Ramesh Babu, Trainer, Educationist, Author, and Researcher in Varmam.  Member Marma Expert Committee under CCRAS, He has brought Varmam into Formal Education stream by introducing the "Varmam Therapist Diploma Program".  The Varmam Procedures and Therapies are executed under his expert Guidance. Awarded with Marma Vaidya Ratna Award by Queen of Travancore. Overall 19 years in the field of Varmam.

Veni B Iyer

Varmam Practitioner, Pain Management Specialist, Diet Counselor and 
Therapeutic Nutritionist

Veni B Iyer, Practitioner of Varmam, Specialist for Pain Relief , Counseling Psychologist, Therapeutic Nutritionist,  Author. Overall, 11 years experience.

Dr. Tejaswini Krishna

Ayurveda Physician

Ayurvedic Consultant, PanchaKarma expert,  Yoga Instructor, Therapeutic Yoga Consultant, Colon Hydrotherapy Specialist, Nutritionist, and Dietitian. nearly 6+ years of rich experience.

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