Activate your Own Ventilator

Updated: 7 days ago

Corona the pandemic has instilled the greatest fear of life. The basic activity that keeps us alive has been threatened. Yes, your Breathing!

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by SARS-CoV-2 with a range of symptoms from mild, self-limiting respiratory tract infections to severe progressive pneumonia, multiorgan dysfunction and death. A portion of individuals with COVID-19 experience life-threatening hypoxia requiring supplemental oxygen and mechanical ventilation. Management of hypoxia in this population is complicated by contraindication of non-invasive ventilation and limitations in access to mechanical ventilation and critical care staff, given the clinical burden of disease.

Positional Varmam therapy is readily deployable and may ultimately be used
to treat COVID-19 related respiratory failure in resources limited settings; and, it has been demonstrated to improve oxygenation and is easy to implement in the clinical setting.

Generally, people who have respiratory issues