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Activate your Own Ventilator

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Corona the pandemic has instilled the greatest fear of life. The basic activity that keeps us alive has been threatened. Yes, your Breathing!


COVID-19 is a respiratory illness caused by SARS-CoV-2 with a range of symptoms from mild, self-limiting respiratory tract infections to severe progressive pneumonia, multiorgan dysfunction and death. A portion of individuals with COVID-19 experience life-threatening hypoxia requiring supplemental oxygen and mechanical ventilation. Management of hypoxia in this population is complicated by contraindication of non-invasive ventilation and limitations in access to mechanical ventilation and critical care staff, given the clinical burden of disease.

Positional Varmam therapy is readily deployable and may ultimately be used
to treat COVID-19 related respiratory failure in resources limited settings; and, it has been demonstrated to improve oxygenation and is easy to implement in the clinical setting.


Generally, people who have respiratory issues or people with generic cold and cough, all go through a process of this breathlessness and difficulty in breathing and they look for a solution that will help them to recover their breath quickly. But this pandemic has set in a paradigm shift to the problem of breathlessness. Anyone who gets slightest temperature or cold gets anxious and consequently finds it hard to breathe. The fear of death that people have been witnessing on all the channels has created more panic than the actual numbers. Yes, it is not a simple thing because only those who experience it can feel the real pain.

But there is always a solution when you listen to your inner self or look out for a solution. Generally, every problem always is surrounded by a solution in the nearest vicinity.

Whenever there is breathlessness, there is a sure shot situation where the oxygen levels in the body is depleted. Varmam comes to the rescue of the problem of breathlessness and drop in the oxygen levels.

Varmam has several definitions and it is a way of life. Varmam is the divine life force that is flowing within us and the interruptions caused during the attack of the virus during this pandemic can be handled by following our own traditional system. This involves a series of practice that instantly makes the life energy reach every part of the body and increase the oxygen supply throughout the body. The differences have been recorded pre and post covid infection, and this has been tested.

The reason we are presenting to you this process here is that it can be used anytime there is an oxygen depletion in the body, and not just for the pandemic or attack of a virus.

Activate your own Ventilator

We are presenting to you a 3-stage process to activate your own ventilator to boost your oxygen levels instantly

A small note we would like to add here.:

  • The sounds mentioned here Om (no religion bias) and U are not mantras but are sounds that resonate with the body and make the energy flow throughout the body.

  • Once the oxygen levels go up after following the procedure, it does not drop at least for 4 hours. So, this can be used as SOS and also to recover from the deficit that the body is facing.

  • Instant boost from 94 to 99 and 100, 85 to 96 etc. has been observed.

  • All stimulation is using mild gentle feather touch only. No pressure is applied.

Stage 1: A few of the Varmam can be activated which will make the body instantly receive and enhance the oxygen levels. If the person is unable to stimulate the Varmam, he/ she can be helped by another person or after doing the remaining stage 3, this can be repeated. (Sometimes it is possible that stimulation of Varmam is not possible due to poor condition of the individual.)

Uchi Varmam Location:CenteroftheheadStimulation:Usingyourmidthreefingers,withthemiddlefingeronthevarmamlocation,rubinhorizontaldirectionfor5to10times.


Mel Adappai Location:Belowthenostrilandabovethelip.Stimulation:Usingyourmidthreefingers,withthemiddlefingeronthevarmamlocation,rubinhorizontaldirectionfor5to10times.


Ottu Varmam Location: On the chin. Stimulation: Place the thumb in the lower side of the chin and 3 fingers on top the chin and give left and right movement for 5 to 10 times.

Nema Varmam Location:CenteroftheforeheadStimulation:Usingyourmidthreefingers,withthemiddlefingeronthevarmamlocation,rubinhorizontaldirectionfor5to10times.


Keezh Adappai Location: Below the lower lip above the chin. Stimulation: Using your mid three fingers, with the middle finger on the varmam location, rub in horizontal direction for 5 to 10 times.

Stage 2: This can be done if the person doing this is not in panic / anxiety / depressed situation.

​Sit down on the floor with both legs folded (Sukhasana) as showing in the Fig.


Hold your thumb and index finger and place the palm facing upwards on the knees (Chin Mudra).


Deep inhale through the nose and while exhaling chant “Om” thrice.


Deep inhale through the nose and while exhaling chant “Imm” 10 to 21 times as per your convenience and level of comfort in breathing.

Stage 3: If the situation is panicky and the SPO2 levels are low, follow this without doing any of the above-mentioned steps in other stages. You will see instant spike in levels of oxygen which will help the person to regain strength and then after a few rounds once stability is reached then they can do the rest and follow all the stages.

​Sit in Sukhasana or Vajrasana (Previous and this Fig)


Place the palm on the thighs just above the knees. Apply mild pressure when you perform the respiring process.


Inhale deeply through the nose.


Bend forward, and with a pouted mouth, exhale creating a ‘U’ / ‘Oo’ sound as if you are blowing a balloon. Blow as hard as possible so that the lungs can expand to the maximum.


Repeat this procedure as many times as possible.

While doing this, you will be throwing out lot of phlegm, hence to avoid frequent getting up to spit out the same, you can keep a mug with warm water and little rock salt added to it and can keep spitting the phlegm that comes out in the mug and dispose it later.


Frequency of repetition:

This can be repeated daily based on the levels of breathing difficulty faced by the individual.

  • Most critical breathing and low oxygen levels, repeat it once in 4 hours.

  • Moderate breathing trouble and fluctuating oxygen levels, repeat it once in 6 hours.

  • Initial stages of breathlessness and stooping oxygen levels, repeat it once in 8 hours.

  • For prevention purposes all the 3 stages can be inculcated in our daily lives and can be done at least twice a day

Article by Sri Ramesh Babu - courtesy Sept - Oct 2021 HERITAGE AMRUTH

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