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Agasthya Wellness Center

Best in Pain management in India

Agasthya Wellness Center uses an evidence-based approach to customize the best treatment program for you, combining conventional therapy with integrative healing, along with aspects of Classical Varmam Therapy.

We understand that many of you will be seeking our care for conditions for which conventional approaches were not effective. We hope to achieve better outcomes by incorporating nutrition, the appropriate use of therapeutic and functional foods, and other forms of treatment that boosts the body’s own powerful healing ability.

Agasthya Wellness Center (AWC) is dedicated to providing excellence in Integrative Therapy and Medicine. Here we believe in getting to the root cause of your health problems! Whether you’re looking for a natural or traditional approach to  find remedy for your illness, our board of specialists are here to serve you.

You would have never been to a Doctor’s Center like this before! We truly care for our patients and that is why we created a safe place to meet all your health and pain needs. We offer varied wonderful remedial services, You will realize that this is the ultimate place for you to get healthy. 

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