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Mystery of eyebrow Threading - Varmam

The traditional Varma/Marma therapy is against "threading."

To accentuate their beauty, women weave their brows. Currently, threading is the primary source of their illnesses, which affect women and include tension and anxiety, headaches, eye and ear pain, mental health issues, migraines, and headaches.

There are 8000 tiny nadis around the eye, according to Varma/Marma texts, and there are Todu Varmas/Marmas(minor) and Padu(Major) Varmas/Marams there as well, like Nakshatra Varmam, Rudrakalam, Min Vetti Varma, Kanmani varmam, Thilardakalam, Mantirakalam, and Annankalam, among others.

If hair is pulled from 3 locations on the body, death will occur immediately; if hair is pulled from any one of 12 locations, Janni(delirium) will occur

If hair is pulled from 18 locations, severe pain will result (for example, hair near toe nails or near the eyes); those who "thread" without understanding this will be in grave danger.

Knowing that 75% of the nerves in the cranial system flow through the brow and that the majority of these nerves travel to the eyes, we should prevent threading.

Curtasy: Suresh Kumar

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