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Our Signature Program - Detox 

Rejuvenate your body to explore fuillness of life.


A Unique Process of eliminating accumulated wastes, preparing the body for a beautiful healthy journey. 

Rejuvenate and Revive for healthy and happy living 

Experience a complete body detox and rejuvenation to revitalize your entire being. Through targeted techniques and therapies, eliminate toxins, rejuvenate cells, and invigorate your mind and body. Restore balance, boost vitality, and embrace a renewed sense of well-being as you embark on this holistic journey toward optimal health and revitalization.

What do you get done in Detox and Rejuvenation


A vertebra's proper position and arrangement throughout the spinal column is referred to to as spine alignment. Drawbacks: Inadequate alignment can result in a number of issues, including back pain, discomfort, reduced range of motion, spinal abnormalities or nerve compression. Benefits: Retention of natural curvature, while providing balanced support for the body. Proper nerve function and less stress on muscles, ligaments, and other supporting tissues.

Release Excess Accumulation

Alleviating tension in every joint of the body by releasing trapped vaatam, which are air pockets situated within the bone joints. Ease out the flow of life energy, nutrition and blood through all joints in the body.

Spinal Corrections

Harmonizing the flow of Prana throughout the body and eliminating any obstacles in its path. Release accumulated vaatam in the spine, channeling it toward the lymphatic system, energize the chakras, and harmonize the entire body. Correct any improper alignment of the spine caused by lifestyle, stress, or poor posture.

Complete body energising

Harmonizing the flow of Prana throughout the body and eliminating any obstacles in its path. Relaxation of the body promoting healthy communication with the brain signals. Improving response to stimulus. Focus and alertness in the work without diversions.

Abdominal Health

The stomach functions as the second brain and as the body's hub for general health receiving the universal energy for overall wellbeing. Clearing obstructions contributes to achieving comprehensive, holistic health at its best. Strengthen the bladder for healthy kidney function.

Knee Health

Remove accumulated pain, inflammation, and other disruptions, bolster cartilage longevity, slow down bodily degeneration, and ensure an optimal range of motion, muscle strength, and weight management to support the entire body.

Strengthening the Ribs

Protection and support to vital organs in the chest cavity, the heart and the lungs, diaphragm, thymus gland, esophagus, trachea and major blood vessels. Protective enclosure to the thoracic cage, helping to safeguard these crucial organs from potential injury while allowing for the expansion and contraction of the chest during breathing.

Strengthening the Pelvic Region

Enhances the functions of the male reproductive system. Enhances the health of the urinary system and bladder control. Enhances the sexual function, including erection and ejaculation. Resetting the pelvic cavity shape and structure enhancing reproductive system health, fostering fertility in both men and women. Healthy menstrual cycles and preparing the base for a healthy motherhood.

Neck Strengthening

Neck and shoulder strength. Facilitates healthy and flexible movement Maintaining healthy posture, stability, and transmission of nerve signals from the brain to the body. Optimizing the flow of Prana throughout the body contributes significantly to holistic well-being.


Complete body relaxation, improved circulation, pain relief, enhanced quality sleep, tension relief, and overall well-being. Strengthens many organs connected through the foot. Stability and strength to the feet.


Strengthens the Seat of Intelligence, the Central Nervous System. Releases Endorphins. Eliminates any headaches. Balances hormone production for healthy circulation, energy and oxygen flow, nerve impulse, vision, mobility. Relaxation by reducing stress and increasing the flow of Prana to the head. Improves body’s responses to stimuli. Provoke mental alertness, thoughtfulness, mindfulness and focused and improved concentration. Scalp health helping increased healthy hair growth and prev

Healthy Life

Experience the Treasure of Good Health with a natural ease only with our unique personalised Detox Programs.

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