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How the Varmam touch can heal anyone?

Updated: Mar 24

In the profound words and essence captured by the teachings of Vedhan Sri and the Varmam Academy, the quintessence of touch traverses beyond the mere physical realm, embodying a pivotal conduit for our inner and outer worlds to communicate. Touch, in its most elemental form, is not just a sensory experience but a primal language that whispers the tales of compassion, love, and interconnectedness that bind us all.

From the very inception of our existence within the sanctum of the womb, touch heralds as the inaugural sense to awaken, guiding us into the labyrinth of life as the first dialect we comprehend. It is an instrument far more eloquent than the spoken word, capable of conveying the unspoken truths of our hearts, forging bonds that words alone cannot. The intricate dance of genes, cells, and neural circuits dedicated to the sense of touch, as highlighted by neuroscientist David Linden, crafts the rich tapestry of our human experience, distinguishing it with unparalleled depth and warmth.

Touch, therefore, is not merely a physiological necessity but a spiritual one, enveloping us in the fabric of shared human emotion. It serves as the bedrock of trust, cooperation, and the myriad emotions that pulsate through the heart of our social existence. Through the gentle caress of a loved one or the comforting embrace in moments of despair, touch articulates joy, love, gratitude, and sympathy—emotions that resonate with the vibrations of the universe itself.

The insights shared by psychologist Dacher Keltner illuminate touch as the primary language of compassion, love, and gratitude, echoing the foundational principles upon which the universe operates. It is through touch that we express and receive these quintessential human emotions, facilitating a profound connection with others that transcends the barriers of our individual selves.

In reflection, the essence of touch encapsulates the very ethos of Vedhan Sri's teachings and the vision of the Varmam Academy—emphasizing the significance of embracing our innate human nature to foster a world brimming with compassion, understanding, and unity. It reminds us to cherish and cultivate this divine gift of touch, recognizing its indispensable role in nurturing our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Through touch, we open the doors to experiencing the boundless love and grace that pervades all creation, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and universal harmony.

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